The solution to your project: You can do it all by yourself or let us custom-build a dependable itinerary

A) Do you feel like you want to do your itinerary all by yourself? If so, you will be happy to know that, in our website you will find the powerful resources and links to proceed on your own. If this is your choice, you will be able to:

- Search for all types of components (hotels, sightseeings, cars, transfer services, guides, and many others)
- Check availability and rates
- Make and confirm reservations
- Make a payment
- Print each and every service voucher to bring on your trip.
- And, yes...even modify and/or cancel the services


B) You can let us arrange a professional and dependable trip from beginning....to finish....and all the way back home!
-  You contact us for a preliminary no-obligation phone evaluation of your plans.
-  You give us accurate basic information (travelers' names, dates, preferences, special requirements, etc.)
-  You receive from us a no-obligation, accurate total cost for all projected services based on real availability for the
   dates and requirements indicated by you.  Along with the cost (one total figure) you receive a basic 
   description of each service.
-  If the projected cost and basic description meets with your approval, you give us a bona-fide 'Retainer' deposit and
   immediately upon receipt of it, we disclose ALL information about the services, names of hotels, full and website
   addresses of accommodation and of all other services.
- If, by any chance, you want to make modifications to what we present you (i.e.: change of hotel, type of
  transportation or any other service component....no problem! We are committed to your satisfaction and will gladly
  make the changes you request (subject to availability and certain conditions, of course) and give you a new
  aggregate total cost for the revised itinerary. You will be happy to know that we'll make up to two separate 
  modifications without adding any revision fees to the new totals.
- You will be fully informed about the schedule of payments including balances when due. Your 'Retainer' deposit is
  and will be FULLY applied toward your final service payment; that is, it will be deducted from your last payment when
  due. Please be advised that due to the extensive involvement on our part of time and resources, the 'Retainer'
  deposit is non-refundable (but can be insured against cancellations on your part by purchasing one of several
  available policies and for only a few dollars).
- During the entire preparation of your itinerary, you can call us, write to us as many times as you need. Remember:
  we are committed to providing you with true, professional and dependable services. As a hallmark of our stellar
  relationship with our clients, we invite calls reminding you that there is no question too small for us to address.
- Suggestions, recommendations, guidance is available to you, our client, on a complimentary basis as it is part of the
  service we provide you when you purchase a custom-made itinerary from us.
- After having paid the balance of monies due (less your 'Retainer' already paid), we prepare all the necessary
  documents for your trip, along with a complete detailed itinerary full of additional complimentary and up-to-date
  information on restaurants, special activities or visits to consider, value shopping and many other 'insider' tips which
  make our loyal clients returning to us and recommend our unique services to friends and relatives.
- You receive complimentary maps of the areas you will visit (limited to our stock on hand). Many of these maps we
  obtain from Europe and nearly all are very hard to find. A typical custom-made itinerary of ours comes with about 12
  free maps (a value of approx. 100 dollars, let alone the time you would have had to spend looking for them).
  And....no....you cannot substitute them with your iPhone....as some of them are about 4 x 5 feet...you can write on
  them and we give them to you with areas already highlighted!!! (What a souvenir...and before you even leave home)
- You leave on your trip and....YES! we are here available to you 24/7/365 in case you need further assistance.
  Remember: we maintain a very extensive network of representatives and associates all over Europe for your
  added peace of mind. The custom-made-itineraries we put together are arranged thanks to more than 40 years of
  experience in European travel and careful judgement in handling your trip.
  Do yourself a favor and read: 'what they say about us' for a few comments received from our travelers.